Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva


Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva

Ventures so bravely

Against the stream of

Longing, anger, and ignorance,

Overcoming fear until

Kindness and compassion are all that remain.

I wonder if it’s all true,

These mind chimes that ring

“Ego keeps you bound,” nothing more or less, like

Shattering the glass crutch yet again.

Heaven knows how many times the jailer can

Validate his own existence.

Anybody else in here feel the way I do?

Round after round



Outside conditions

Determine inner


I drift like a moth toward the

Seductive notion that

Against all evidence to the contrary

The problem is

The solution.

Venture so bravely

Against the stream.

Enough is Enough


“This is enough” was always true.

We just haven’t seen it.

– Rumi

It’s difficult to see truth, though it’s never hidden.

Clarity is its nature,

obscured only by the din of our desires,

our insistence that THIS is obviously not enough,

that just a little bit more would quench

the ache and restlessness that is

nothing more or less than Truth’s longing to

remember itself…


You won’t hear the call that THIS is enough

out of nowhere over the rush of traffic…

you have to listen for it.

Truth does not shout, does not call attention to itself,

it operates on the principle of “attraction rather than promotion.”

Truth does not advertise:

Delusion does.

And it does it well.